Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DHL, Vietnamese Vikings and Mrs. Howell

Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011
To: undisclosed-recipients:; ( I keep winning, but they don't seem to know who I am )
From: DHL COURIER SERVICE <saabye@stofanet.dk> (http://www.stofanet.dk/ Yeah, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that DHL had moved to Denmark, didn't I ? )Reply-to: DHL COURIER SERVICE <drmarkleo@tranphu.com> ( or was it Vietnam - again )Subject: Contact Dispatch Officer drmarkleo@tranphu.com 

This is to notify you of a parcel containing an a cheque ( as opposed to a b check ) worth
535,000.00GBP(Five Hundred And Thirty Five Thousand Pounds) ( Spelled out for those who can't read numbers ) issued to us by
one Mrs.Brenda Howell ( of the many Mrs. Brenda Howells ) in your favor through random selections of email users worldwide (Brenda, it would have been easier to send it to me directly, why involve Vietnamese Vikings? )You are required to fill in the below form for confirmation of claim:Full Name:....Delivery
Contact: Dr Mark Leo Position: Dispatch Officer Email:drmarkleo@tranphu.com

This mail worth: $836,815.27

New Total: $2,168,886.02

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