Thursday, January 13, 2011

Smacks of embezzlement

From: Mr. Frankline Boateng [] ( The name was Boatengine but they shortened it at Ellis Island when my grandfather came to America )
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 7:56 PM
To: undisclosed recipients: ( Again - Hey, undisclosed recipients - we should get together sometime for drinks )
Subject: From Mr. Frankline Boateng ( Urgent Attention )

My greetings to you and your family, (You do know they were horribly mangled in a MixMaster accident last week )
My name is Mr. Frankline Boateng,  I am a retired banker of Standard Chartered Bank of Ghana Ltd.

I do not want problems ( Then you came to the wrong place ) but I just hope you can assist me, I write you this letter in good faith, I have a transaction of three million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars:($3,250,000.00).

I realized this fund from bank excess profit ( Excess profit? Isn't profit just profit? )  after trading with the capital sum and I deposited the funds in escrow call account ( The accountant equivalent of technobabble ) . Where nobody will have access to it. Even the bank does not have access to this account ( If the bank can't access it won't that slow us down? ) because it cannot be deducted, until after the transfer.

Finally I did not declare this fund to the bank before my retirement ( But left it there, because I couldn't get at it. ) . I am contacting you, to stand as the beneficiary of this fund because only a foreigner can stand as the beneficiary ( You're starting to make me think you're not too bright )  . Can I trust you to hold this money  ( If you can't get at it, how will I? ) for me until I come over to your country? After the transfer, I will give you 30% of the money as your commission ( I'll have the money. I'll give you 40% ) .

If you accept my offer, but if you do not accept this offer kindly forget that I contacted you, ( I think you have a misplaced phrase here )  all I need is for you to get a good current account where this fund can be transferred into ( A preposition is a bad thing to end a sentence or phrase with. ) and for you to stand as the beneficiary of the said amount, within three days the funds will be transferred to your designated bank account.

There are practically no risks involved, it will be a bank-to-bank transfer ( There's always risk when your embezzling. It goes with the territory ) . I hope you understand my situation, I am critically ill ( I thought you sounded a little wheezy ) that is why I contacted you to finalize this transaction to enable me have a very good medical treatment.

Write to me in order to indicate your interest to my proposal and please on time so that we can proceed immediately.

Mr.Frankline Boateng.

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's freakin funny! I almost peed my pant's reading your comments. I seem to always get these scams in my spam box too. I usually reply back and mess with them for a while. Yeah, I'm going to open up an account and give you acct. number, Sure buddy!