Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A lottery present from Microsoft

Date Jan 8, 2011
Prize Award Notice:Foward ( That's not how you drop an r ) response to this email: terrymarkdept2011@tranphu.com ( Vietnamese Student Organization http://tranphu.com/51/ )
From: "Nobar, Shiva A" <snobar@tulane.edu> ( Shiva doesn't sound Vietnamese, then again neither does Tulane University)
To: info@lotto.com ( That's not me )

Microsoft Award Notification (You've won £500,000.00) ( The legal tender in Redmond Washington is the pound sterling? 2.Microsoft giving away money? Sounds suspicious ) in our NEW YEAR Promotional programmme  ( Redmond, Vietnam, Tulane and now we're British ) tagged "THANKS FOR CONTRIBUTING TO
OUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS". ( I didn't know my copy of Windows 3.1 meant so much to you. I'm touched, I truly am ) Kindly send: terrymarkdept2011@tranphu.com ( You'd think a big company like Microsoft could afford their own email address )

* Name,

Via email to : terrymarkdept2011@tranphu.com 
Nobar Shiva A

500,000.00 pounds is $782,070.75

New total: $1,332,070.75

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