Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two for the price of one.

( Number 1 )
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 22:16:10 +0200
From: Grace Yee <> ( - Oy! Chinese Jews. Who knew? )
Reply-to: ( - Cool. A place to get a fake email account from. Really. )
Subject: Emergency Email ( A female Chinese Jew living in Qatar. What sort of emergency could she be having? )

Deal worth US45,275,000.00.Interested? ( 45 Million - Yes, I'm interested )

( Brief, but cryptic )

#1: $45.275,000

Subtotal: $93,785,366.77  (Probably need to think about getting a bigger mattress)

( Number 2 - You are number 6 )

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011
From: Mrs Gloria <> ( - From mysterious India )
Reply-To: ( in Japan )
Subject: From Mrs.Gloria Musa.
To: undisclosed recipients: ;  ( Again with the secret names - and why recipients, isn't this just for me? )
From Mrs.Gloria Musa. ( Dept. of Redundancy Dept.)

Based on your good profile ( I prefer my left side, thank you )  i want to solicit for your help in fulfiling my wish , ( Commas throughout, clearly not a period piece ) i am Mrs. Gloria Musa. ( No, you're kidding, right ) 58yrs old widow from France, my husband and i worked with Tullow oil Cote d Ivoire - Real Oil Company, lends credibility )  before he died seven years ago ( he hasn't worked a day since, I'll wager ), i am writting you this message via a computer lap top on my sick bed at the hospital were i am undergoing medical treatment i have been diagnosed of Endometrial cancer ( picked a nasty one ) unfortunatelly for me my doctor said i don't have any chance to survive except by a miracle i have spent a lot of money on medical treatment yet no improvement. ( I bet you're going to tell me your dying and you're just trying to soften the blow )

The reason why i am writting you this letter is because i want you to stand as beneficiary to the sum of my $ 2.5 Million (Two million five hundred thousand united states dollars ( for those innumerate ) i dont have any bilogical child of my own who will inherit this money neither do i have any adopted child ( So, let me get this straight. You have no children. Is that what your telling me? ) My relatives and friends have plundered so much of my wealth since my illness ( I know the feeling, mine drink all my booze ) and i cannot live with the agony of entrusting this huge responsibility to any of them anymore. ( doing OK with the pain from the cancer though ) a i want to donate this money to support churches ( except I can't find any ) and evangelism ( no evangelists ) i also want to help children and orphanges in your country ( The little buggers here can go rot ) Donating this $ 2.5 Million dollars as charity is the only legacy i can leave behind after my death, help me to fulfil this goal before i die and please always remember to pray for me when i die ( See, I knew it ) my soul will rest in peace.

Pls they political crisis here in my country ( There's a lot of turmoil in Japanese India these days, in case you didn't know - Something about Kobe beef and Sacred cows) so i will like to transfer this money befor anything happing ( She must be fading, she's missing the keys ) to the money so if you are will willing to help me receive this money pls ( Oh No. She's lost her vowels )( never mind, they're back ) will like you to contact me today.

Expecting to your message soonest.
Mrs.Gloria Musa.
Glotia's contribution: $2,500,000

New Total: $96,285,366.77

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