Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The United Nations has money for me ( and a TIme Machine )

From: "United Nations" <info@un.org> ( Wow! The United Nations - starting out good.)
Reply-To: intercontinentalbank.cstomer@gmail.com ( Huh? The United Nations has a badly spelled gmail account? )
Subject: YOU HAVE A NEW MESSAGE (UNITED NATIONS) ( In other news, the sky is blue. )
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2011 ( They have time travel! I got this on Friday, Jan 7 )

This is to officially notify you that you have been selected as one of
the few beneficiary of 2010 United Nations in Collaboration with Uk national lottery
65th anniversary Compensation. (That's a hell of a name ) You have been compensated with $550,000.00USD ( $ and USD per the Department of Redundancy Department ) by  United
Nations as a sign to help the less privilege worldwide. ( Apparently they can't do it alone ) You are to confirm the following
information from Chris Alabi.

Email:intercontinentalbank.cstomer@gmail.com ( Spelled badly on purpose, I guess )

Contact Dr.Chris Alabi only with the email above.
Full Names (Surname First),Current Address.Country .Telephone .Age.
Contact him immediately with the requested information above for
your International Bank Draft of USD$ 550,000.00 USD. ( What's the next level after redundancy, tridundancy? ) Have a nice day
and Hope you use this Money Wisely
(General Secretary United Nations)

Current total $550,000.00

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