Friday, January 14, 2011

Big TIme Operator

From: MR. JACK ZOLEMA [] ( Working from Hotmail, so I know he's a big time operator )
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2011 6:50 AM
To: undisclosed recipients: ( Still no clue who he's taking to )

I am Mr. Jack Zolema ( I knew that ) and I wish to present a business proposal to you. Please see the attached document for details.

( Contents of the PDF attachment )

Attention: Sir/Madam,
I am Mr. Jack Zolema ( No, really? I would have never guessed that ) , a director with one of the government parastatals in South Africa.  ( parastatal - a state-owned organization, esp in Africa - the Dept of Redundancy Dept is happy ) I want us to go into a mutually beneficial business that
needs your strict confidentiality and dedication. ( Sounds like I'm getting the legwork part, and I'll bet you're getting the bulk of the beneficial )
This business involves the transfer of a huge amount of money ( Of course it does, why else would you be writing ) from my
Country (South Africa).  It has very little liabilities and it is very safe. ( What else is new? ) The
fund to be transferred is Eighteen million United States Dollars
(US$18,000,000:00). ( Do any countries beside US, UK and EU have their own currency? )  It is generated from an over - invoiced contract ( Double billing? ) and
your job is basically to act as a sub-contractor to my department and get
this money out for us. ( See, I knew I was getting the legwork part ) For helping us ( Who is this us - you and me or you, unknown accomplices and me ) accomplish this you will get 20% of
the funds. ( Sorry even shares, 50/50 unless there are four of you )
Please, if you are interested kindly respond to this e-mail giving me your
full contact details, including your mobile telephone numbers ( I only have a land line, is that all right ? ) for elaborate
discussion ( If it's elaborate, then don't call collect. I won't accept the charges ) on the way forward.
I await your anticipated positive response to my private and confidential
email address; ( Hotmail and AOL, this guy's real big time. Oh and where would I send a negative response - )
Jack Zolema.


Anonymous said...

That's funny. I just got the same letter. Jack Zolema is a plausibly South African name, though ...

Ellis Tyd said...
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Ellis Tyd said...

Most of the names are real. They just cut and paste them from other sites. He doesn't have any money for you, don't send him any either.