Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wrong Numbers

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011
From: "Mrs.Rosland Thomas" <> ( An alias for AT&T ) 
Reply-To: ( - Yet another place to get a fake email address )
To: undisclosed recipients: ; ( Don't you know who we are? Are we not supposed to figure out that you're lying to us? )
Attn Dear ( This space intentionally left blank ) ,

Due to your effort ( I try ) , sincerity ( Really, I do try ) , courage ( I'm a lion tamer in my spare time. ) and trust worthiness ( Trust me. Really, you can trust me after all we've been through ) you showed at the course of your transaction ( Turn four was a little tricky ) with some government and claimed government officials ( They weren't all real government officials. They had their pictures taped to real looking badges. Those were fake? ) . And based on the outcome of the last meeting held with the Federal Government of this country ( Which country? I told you. I don't remember. )  and the officials of the United Nation Organization, UNO and International Monitoring Fund, IMF ( Was I at this meeting? I was drinking absinthe. I can't remember. ), we have been instructed to transfer your funds through ATM MASTER CARD ( Couldn't you find a more obscure way to get me the money? ) , This is to officially inform you that (ATM Master Card Number 4000101025717299 ( MasterCard numbers start with a 5. Are you sure it wasn't a VISA card? ) ) has been accredited in your favour. Your Personal Identification Number is 1309 ( Nice. You idiot! Didn't anyone tell you you shouldn't send card numbers and pins in unencrypted emails and nerve in the same email. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there. You're going to have to void the card and get a new number. I called that one in as lost.) . The ATM Card Value is $2.8M (Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand United State Dollars).

You are advice ( Am I good advice? ) to contact our affiliate ATM UNIT CENTER with the information below.The maximum you can withdraw in a day is $6000.00 (Six Thousand United State Dollars) ( That's going to take 466 days. I need the money now. $6000 barely covers the vig ) you are therefore advice ( Why am I advice again? I don't understand ) to contact the ATM CARD UNIT CENTRE DEPARTMENT. Bellow ( Who is Bellow? )  is the contact detail for you to contact ATM UNIT CENTRE for your ATM MASTER CARD.

Contact Person: Dr.George Ngueye.
E-mail: (
Telephone:+229 9893 9789. ( George, what are you doing in Benin? Is Bellow there with you? )

Here is the information they may need ( They may need? Are you sure they know what they're doing? )  to send the ATM CARD to you.

FULL NAME...............

Forward the needed information to the ATM UNIT CENTER so that they will send your your ATM CARD.

Mrs.Rosland Thomas.

$2,800,000 eventually

New total, (eventually) if the bookies don't get me first. $140,735,366.77

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